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Joey Jr. Pre Order Updates! 

12/29/2020 - Update #3 Final Update?

Hello All! 
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, or happy holidays! I wanted to pop out and give you all what I hope to be the final update! Good news is production is now rolling along. See below, I wrapped up all the mounting hardware as of Monday. I was able to sneak in 12-15 hours of machining around family activities the 24th and 25th which helped get some progress made! 

I am starting on the plates today! Everything is finally moving towards getting things shipped! I have stock piled all the additional items that go into your orders, crate dividers, 3D printed goods, etc... That is all ready to go!

So right now I am looking at shipping the first day the post office and UPS are open right after new years! YAY FINALLY! I will likely have the stuff done by midday Friday. However that is an observed holiday by the shipping companies I use, so will have to wait for monday. 

Likely you will see tracking numbers start to fly out to your emails the 1st - 3rd and they should start moving / updating the 4th and 5th. The smaller group of you that ordered an anodized version, i'm anticipating it will be about an additional week as the parts have to come back from my anodizing company! 

If you have any personal questions about your order, please feel free to reach out! I am happy to help! 

Thank You again for your patience and understanding while I brought this online! I know you all don't get to see the behind the scenes but I can promise you A LOT of hard work, 100s of hours, much trial and error, programming, design, etc... goes into these products and your early support and patience throughout played a huge part in helping me make this happen!

You guys are the best customers I think a company could ask for! I can't wait to get this in your hands, I'm sure you are all going to love it!

All the best, Alex! 

12/17/2020 - Update #2

Hello All!  
Another update for you! Some of the process of Tooling, fixturing, and manufacturing has been held up a bit. As mentioned the plan was to complete all that stuff this week to start shipping the Monday of Christmas week. In the words of my old boss "No battle plan survives first contact with the hostile force" HAHA!

The hostile force of the week has been the USPS! Some of the tools and clamps got delayed. Between short staffing and a large influx of packages from online shopping, both due to Covid, the USPS has come unglued it seems like this holiday season. 

It looks like the packages made it to my local sorting center today, so I am optimistic for delivery tomorrow. I am doing everything I can to be as prepared as possible, but there is a lot to be done yet that not having these supplies held up! I really wanted to ship before Christmas for y'all, however to be honest and transparent, I don't think there is a high probability of that happening as of now!

The one thing I refuse to do is rush anything through production and sacrifice the quality of anything! I can assure you I am as frustrated as some of you may be to hear this news, as the timeline is stretching a little beyond the early December target timeframe I estimated. However that is the nature of the beast, and I will continue to give my best estimates based on whatever information I have at each moment in time! 

All I can do however is continue to put in the 10-12 hour days in the shop and keep you all updated / bring you along on the process with me as I bring this amazing new product online! I do appreciate your continued patience and for supporting the product and my small business through your pre-orders! None of this would be possible without each of you!

Hang tight, stay safe, and have a Merry Christmas! 

Happy Holidays All,
Wishing you the best,
Alex - Owner Packible Tool 

12/9/2020 - Update #1

Hello All! Thanks so much for participating in the Joey Pre Orders! I put on the pre-order product page early December, and here we are already! I am excited to announce that I have a plan underway to bring this online and are only now a week or so away from the first orders starting to ship!

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there and remaining patient! As I now work to bring this online, please continue to bear with me. I am a one man show and it takes quite a bit to bring something new online! I do want to share with you in the interest of being transparent my tentative schedule for launch!

All the materials came in last week! I am planning to use the majority of the week of the 14-18th of December to undergo the process of programming, tooling up, fixturing and running the first good parts on the CNC. Fingers crossed. I hope to ship the majority of them on the 21st with the intent of trying to get as many out before Christmas as I can. 

As for the anodized version, that one will ship after Christmas as the lead time on the anodize will cause those to take a bit longer! If you have any questions please check this page, and the order status page first for information! If you still have questions regarding your order, please email me! :)

Happy Holidays All,
Wishing you the best,
Alex - Owner Packible Tool